Sandwich Lovers

Enjoy Shirley's freshly prepared Tuna and Chicken Salad Sandwiches.


Salad Lovers

Enjoy the freshness of Shirley's Chef Salad with varieties of dressings. Carry-out is available.


Quiche Lovers

No one makes quiche the way that Shirley does, it is fresh and delicious.

Our home cooked meal is the Best in town

Special Meal Items

Harvey House 

Shirley prepares her home cooked meals from the scratch with the best ingredients.

She loves serving the best meals possible at the most affordable price to her customers both loyal and new and has continued to do this for the last fourteen years.

The passion Shirley has in cooking coupled with the love she has for her customers attributes to the quality and taste in her food which is unmatched and has earned her many praises from the people of Oklahoma.